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HD Lace Deep Parting Frontal 13x6

HD Lace Deep Parting Frontal 13x6

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HD Lace Deep Parting Frontal 13x6

Get a Natural Look with Our HD Lace Frontals

If you're looking for a lace frontal that provides a natural, beautiful-looking hairline, our HD Lace Deep Parting Frontal 13x6 is the perfect choice for you. Here's what sets our product apart from the competition:

  • The lace frontal is 13" x 6" with a density of 130%, providing a full and natural look.
  • The HD thin lace allows for a seamless blend with your scalp, giving the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp.
  • The deep parting allows for versatile styling options and a natural-looking part.
  • When installed correctly, our lace frontals protect the hairline from ear to ear, allowing for a longer-lasting hairstyle.
  • The lace frontal can be customized by a hair stylist to fit your desired look, but it's not necessary as it already comes with a soft, beautiful, natural-looking hairline.

Don't settle for a lace frontal that looks fake or doesn't blend well with your scalp. Our HD Lace Deep Parting Frontal 13x6 provides a natural look that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Join the thousands of customers who love our product and give it a try today!

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