About Us

Back in 2011, amidst the quick sales and impersonal vibe of a typical beauty supply store, I had an epiphany. True beauty wasn't about the transaction; it was about real connections, understanding needs, and genuinely wanting to uplift the community. That's when the idea for Foreign Strandz took root—a brand that would go beyond just selling hair extensions to embody quality, empowerment, and real transformation.

Starting out wasn't easy. I worked at a call center, saving every dime, and eventually used my tax refund to buy the first batch of 30 bundles. This wasn't just business; it was personal. My grandmother, a talented hairstylist working out of her home salon , she had always inspired me with her ability to transform and uplift her clients. Her spirit is what Foreign Strandz is all about.

Now, we're here for every woman who wants to boost her natural beauty with volume, length, and top-notch quality. We get the struggles with thin or short hair and the yearning for a change that doesn't just look good but feels right. Our products are curated to not just meet but exceed these needs, ensuring sustainability, quality, and real value.

Foreign Strandz is more than a brand; it's a passion, a commitment to excellence, and a community that believes in empowering beauty. We're on this journey together, offering strands that not only enhance your look but boost your confidence.

Join us at Foreign Strandz, and let's embark on this beauty adventure together, crafting a future where every glance in the mirror brings a smile, powered by beauty, strength, and resilience. This is where your beauty journey starts.