1. How many ounces per bundle ?

Each bundle is 4 oz (about 100 grams)


2. How many bundles does it take to do a full head (Sew in).

We recommend 2-4 bundles for a full sew in .The amount of bundles purchased depends on the the look the client is trying to achieve. Some clients prefer 3-4 bundles over 2 bundles. It varies by client and desired style.


3. How much is shipping?

Priority shipping $15.00


4. How long will the Hair last?

It can last over 1 year with proper maintenance.


5. Where does your Human hair come from?

Our hair is carefully selected from different countries around the globe .These exotic locations offer different textures and varying qualities.


6. Can I dye the hair?



7. What does it mean by Virgin/Unprocessed hair?

It means the 100% raw natural hair that has never been treated with any type of harsh chemicals.


8. How do I order?

You can order from our website directly at www.foreignstrandz.com.


9. What color does the hair come in ?

The hair is natural blend it can be dyed to your specifications.


10. Do you offer Lace closures?

Yes our lace closures offer versatile parting for a natural look.


11.Does Foreign Strandz offer Wholesale?

Yes we do you can email us at info@foreignstrandz.com and make the subject :Wholesale.


12.What payment methods do you accept?

Foreign Strandz accepts all major credit and debit cards.If purchasing with a E-Check your order will not ship until the check clears.


13.What lengths do you carry ?

12-30 inches ,and  32-40 inches can be special ordered


14.Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, Overseas shipping is available at a flat shipping rate of $50.00


15.Foreign Strandz offer products for every Ethnicity.

Our hair looks great whether you are Black , White , Latino, Asian and etc.


16. How do I care for my extensions ?

De-tangle and brush before washing your hair, Shampoo hair at least once a week ,Use quality name brand shampoo and conditioner with low PH balance ,Wash and condition hair in a downward motion .Do not massage or rub the hair itself. Squeeze out excess water and air dry .Remember heat can be damaging and will shorten the life span of your extensions.